andy Council artwork


superbe artwork a l'acrylique de Mr ANDY COUNCIL


My latest Acrylic and spraypaint painting is inspired by the Saint Pauls Carnival in Bristol UK. The streets look very much like this and have huge soundsystems made up of loads of speakers...although they don't form the shape of dinosaurs.

I chose to go with a Stegasaurus this time as it is one dino that I haven't done yet. He seems quite a friendly beast and has someone patting him on the head.

The piece is also inspired by the album artwork on records by the Dub artist Scientist. They are usually cartoony and feature lots of people dancing at a party. There are coppers often in there too like in my pic. Greensleeves records also has lots of covers like this.

I kept the colour scheme very tropical, warm and Rasta. Lots of red, gold and green. The guy on the decks is alot like Jah Shakka and the guy with glasses drinking a Red Stripe was meant to be DJ Derek but looks more like a friend of mine! 


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